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Readers are no fools; they can spot inauthentic copy in a millisecond. I look for the defining characteristics that set the topic apart and then put them into compelling and convincing copy that appeals to the reader.

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Decathlon Play:
SEO-rich advice articles

Decathlon’s approach to content marketing focuses almost exclusively on the content, which is underscored by these key characteristics: consistency, tone of  voice, and high SEO value.

My project was to write 52 blog-style articles for Decathlon UK’s cycling category. Topics ranged from “how to” and “advice for” types of articles, such as “How to avoid cold toes  and fingers” to “Advice for first-time commuters,” to informational articles, like “What is bike packing?” and “Disc brakes vs. rim brakes.”

“The single thing that most brands fail  at is not only creating a targeted plan to achieve specific goals, but having the resources to execute that plan.”

The only game in town

I write for large and small companies, printed publications, blogs, and  websites. I often help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create their entire information architecture.


Blog Articles

You are the authority on your product or service. Here’s where we’ll help your audience learn that.

Content Strategy

Define your goals, then let’s strategize a content plan to achieve them.

SEO Strategy

You have original, high quality content, now let’s organize it to boost your rankings.

Product Reviews

How to authenticate your product claims is no dark art. We start with the problem that you’ve solved.


Information architecture

Your users are constantly telling you what they want to see. Are you listening? I’ll show you how  to use data to customize your IA.

Convincing Copywriting

What you do is your business, how to engage, entertain, inform, and convert your users is mine. 

Product Review

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SEO Strategy

Info Architecture

Creative Writing

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Content Strategy

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Sometimes I write about cycling

The Best Gravel Rides Right Now

The Best Gravel Rides Right Now

Just a couple of years ago, the gravel riding and racing scene was small – it was easy to choose some killer events to attend. These days there are tons of gravel rides to choose from, even one that starts and finishes here in Granada. This guest blog about the best gravel rides gives you some ideas for where to roll your gravel tires this year. (republished courtesy of Ritchey).

How and when to ride your bicycle in the dark

How and when to ride your bicycle in the dark

Why are you still in the dark about night riding when you could break away from the masses, escape monotony, or gain an extra riding season? Riding a bike “after hours” livens up your routine ride when you can’t see much of what’s in front of you – in fact that kind of unpredictability also doubles as a narrative for life…embrace it.

4 ways to start your trip to Granada right now

4 ways to start your trip to Granada right now

Travel helps strengthen your social, intellectual, and introspective skills so rather than leave those benefits to languish until you step off the plane, start your trip to Granada, Spain right now. Here are a few suggestions to get you charged up about visiting this legendary place.

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