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Readers are no fools; they can spot inauthentic copy instantly. A misused ampersand, a word out of context, or a phrase forced to mean something else all add up to erode customer trust, which is directly linked to your brand identity. Let’s prevent this from happening with error-free content that delivers precisely what your customers are looking for.

Featured Project

Decathlon Play:
SEO-rich advice articles

Decathlon’s approach to content marketing focuses on three key characteristics: consistency, tone of  voice, and high SEO value. The company tagline “Sport for all. All for sport” underscored this project to write 52 service journalism articles for Decathlon UK’s cycling category. Topics ranged from “how to” and “advice for” types of articles, such as “How to avoid cold toes  and fingers” to “Advice for first-time commuters,” to informational articles, like “What is bike packing?” and “Disc brakes vs. rim brakes.”

Decathlon gained expert content without having to divert intellectual capital away from its core business.

Decathlon Play
How Does AI Support Talent Acquisition

Featured Project

How Artificial Intelligence supports Talent Acquisition

Artificial intelligence has many proven benefits to human resources, like automating actions to save time. The potential for bias still exists however, and that can have legal ramifications. Textkernel is taking the lead on this issue and together, we worked on effectively communicating that via their website.

Sometimes a company is so intimate with its technology that telling its story gets bogged down in details. That’s when an expert outside the company can help translate sophisticated technical specifications into customer-friendly content.

ASSOS Trail/All-mountain women's tops

Featured Project

Updated product descriptions for WWW

ASSOS, the Swiss clothing brand, wanted to remaster its product descriptions to be more aspirational and less technical, in keeping with current digital marketing trends.

This project involved rewriting 74 product descriptions to engage customers on an experiential level. We tossed out technical details from the main copy (and instead included them in “The Finer Details” section) and transformed it into descriptive yet aspirational copy to attract users in a way that appealed to their lifestyle.

Featured Project

Eurobike Show Daily:
Feature articles about bicycle products

The Show Daily is the industry magazine of reference for both the Eurobike and Taipei Cycle trade shows. The editorial focus is mainly on product and trends, as well as the people, and brands that are causing a sensation in the bicycle industry.

The staff, comprised of trained journalists, is tasked with overview reports written in advance of each trade show, and live reporting each day of each show. Every report must follow Associated Press (AP) Style and proprietary naming conventions established by the editor. As a staff writer, my area of expertise is gravel, IoT devices and applications, suspension, drivetrain components, and products and services related to mobility.

Eurobike Show Daily

Featured Project

Spain’s largest mt. bike stage race series:
Promotional material translation

Starting with the Andalucía Bike Race in 2011, this race series has grown to five events of 3-6 days each, which are held throughout Spain. 2022 will see the ABR ascend once again to the highest category ranking for a mountain bike stage race, putting it in the same class as races like the Cape Epic.

It is simply not enough to rely on translation applications to achieve the level of quality sought by an international race series. Sentence structures and adjective phrases are often instant giveaways of poorly translated copy. Add to that missing vocabulary that’s unique to bike racing and it’s easy to lose credibility among consumers. Hiring a native speaker with expertise in the topic guarantees the kind of quality you want to be associated with your event, brand, or product.

Andalucía Bike Race finish line in Córdoba

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Ride up Europe’s highest cyclable climb

Ride up Europe’s highest cyclable climb

“El pico de Veleta” is Europe’s highest cyclable climb and it soars up to 3,394 m (11,135 ft). Time your climb to a full moon, which falls next year on June 4, July 3, or August 1, 2023, to reach the peak at sunrise for an experience that’s hard to match anywhere else in the world.

Where the best cycling in Spain is

Where the best cycling in Spain is

Cycling in Spain is as romantic as it sounds. That’s even more true now that Spain is beginning to define its cycling identity on its own terms. What Spain has so humbly forgotten to mention about its cycling offerings goes way beyond great food and weather, breathtaking scenery, and challenging terrain. If you want to know where the best cycling in Spain is, read on

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