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We've ranked our rides according to IMBA’s trail ranking guidelines, which is adapted from the International Trail Marking System used at ski areas worldwide.

Boabdil's Last Look


Distance: 58km/36 mi.

Elevation gain: 796m/2,612 ft

Ride time: 3.25 hours

Bike Up Europe's Highest Climb


Distance: 76km/47 mi.

Elevation gain: 2,678m/8,786 ft.

Ride time: 7 hours


Rent a bike

We have partnered with Bicicletas la Estación, located at Calle Molinos, #20, in Granada's city center. In addition to their broad range of rental bikes, we've found their customer service to be exceptional, which is one of the reasons we've chosen to work with them. Another reason to rent from Bicicletas la Estación is that English is spoken there. Each of the buttons below links to their website where you can find detailed information about their rental bikes.

Each rental includes helmet and repair kit. Additional items available for rent include GPS units, panniers, handlebar mount for smartphones, and child seats. To request a rental bike, you can fill out the form below and your request will be emailed directly to Bicicletas la Estación.

— Trails of the Alhambra

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Moonlight ride up Europe’s highest cyclable climb

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