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Ride name Distance Elevation gain Ride time Trail difficulty GPX file
Biking up Europe’s highest climb (blog) 76km/47 mi. 2,678m/8,786 ft 7 hours GPX
Boabdil’s Last Look (blog) 58km/36 mi. 796m/2,612 ft 3.25 hours GPX

Recent Blog Posts

Rent a bike to hit the trails of Granada

A robust bike rental service has yet to evolve in Granada but it may just be a matter of time before fleets of performance quality bikes are available to rent here. Granada’s Tourism office has published info (in Spanish) about bike rentals on its website. This blog post highlights a few shops that we’ve either worked with or have been recommended to us based on the quality of their bikes and service.

New MTB map reveals Spain’s most brag-worthy rides

You now have one less excuse not to plan a bike trip to southern Spain now that the Biking Sierra Nevada route map is available for download. The new map serves up 1,164 kilometers (723 miles) of routes dedicated to off-road riders and located throughout the Sierra Nevada Park system, which is 4.5 hours south of Madrid in the province of Granada. The map also introduces in both English and Spanish, Europe’s highest cyclable climb, and the multi-day Transnevada, which circumnavigates the entire Sierra Nevada range.

What to know when leading Swedes on a bike ride

Starting in March of 2017, groups of Swedes flocked south to Granada to indulge in a few days of consistently above-freezing temperatures, and daylight hours that stretched far into a normal Swedish night. By the way, you could probably substitute any northern European or North American nationality in place of Swedes, it’s just that last year, Sweden had greater representation than anywhere else. Preferential treatment was neither requested nor required and there were no “special handling” instructions. There are however, a few basic minimum requirements for a successful Granada ride experience, which are covered in this post.