Go ride your gravel bicycle in the dark

In just less than three weeks, the days will start getting longer (hurrah!) but it will take a bit longer before we can enjoy more daylight hours. This is hardly a reason to put your riding on hold – darkness shouldn’t extinguish your cycling routine! This guest post from Ritchey gives you some tips and ideas to ride your bicycle in the dark.

Find out why you would want to to ride in the dark and what are some of the things you’ll need to start. Where to ride matters too, especially if you have regular routes or you live in an urban area. When to ride can be a special occasion, like New Year’s Eve or date night with your SO, but it doesn’t have to be.

But most of all, night riding reveals a side of cycling that’s in the background during the day but only comes out at night. It’ll stay hidden only until you try riding in the dark, but once you “enlighten” yourself on the benefits of riding in the dark, you may discover that it’s the lighter side of riding. 

Come on over to the dark side and go for a ride!


Perhaps you need a goal to encourage you to ride at night. How’s this “Moonlight ride up Europe’s Highest Cyclable Climb“?