Cave houses on your mountain bike ride in Granada

You’re on the right track

These stairs make this mountain bike ride in Granada challenging but pretty.

Faux zellij tile makes for a nice distraction on the way up to San Miguel

When our bike friends come to visit us, this is the local mountain bike ride we take them on because it showcases some of Granada’s various riding surfaces (including cobbles, bridges, and loose, rocky descents), and gives you great views of the Alhambra, Granada, and the valley beyond from some unique perspectives. Although it’s only 26.6km/16.5 mi (you can lengthen/shorten it if you want), the climbing demands some respect but you can bail out along the way plus, you are never more than 3km from the center of Granada.

Ride notes: This is a circular local mountain bike ride in greater Granada that we’ve always done in a clockwise direction — if you do it counterclockwise, let us know how it works out. The route can be picked up anywhere on the track. • At one point the trail passes by some inhabited caves and, while it may seem like you’re riding through someone’s yard, don’t worry, you’re on the right track • Power and technique are useful on this ride but you’ll enjoy it all the same even without one or the other. • We’d suggest factoring in stops to take photos or simply to take in the view — you earned it.

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distance = 26.6km/16.5 mi elevation gain = 918m/3,012 ft