If you’re the type of person who sets yourself on “self-destruct” when you only have a few days to ride in an area, then ride recovery becomes an essential part of the plan. Even if you live in Granada, you may need something extra besides a post-epic beer, tapa, and nap to recharge and rally for tomorrow’s ride (and the one after that…).

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Guest post: Bike injury recovery tips

If you’re like either of us, then forced time off the bike as a result of injury curbs your freedom and can actually succeed in making you feel worse…if you let it. Instead you can choose to use your time off-the-bike wisely and occupy yourself with some of these strategies in this guest blog post republished courtesy of Ritchey.

4 beers from Granada if you seek refuge from blah lagers

Food festivals are a sport unto themselves and I attack them with all the zeal of a cub reporter with the hope of someday touching the brilliance of Jonathan Gold or Frank Bruni. Until today, I was an IPA girl living in a pale lager world here but that changed when the Granada Beer Festival welcomed artisanal brewers from the region and beyond.

Trails of the Alhambra – Our tale

It started with the bike in San Francisco back when you could still make a living as a bike messenger before electronic data transfer consumed more than 90 percent of the business. We were messengers for competing companies…Read on

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