Wendy Booher

When mountain bike rentals started to gain in popularity as a recreational activity for tourists, Wendy became an early adopter of this enterprising business and helped guide bike trips for summer camp kids. The job sparked a lifelong career trajectory with the bike as its main theme. As a college undergrad, she crossed the United States on a loaded John Tomac signature Mongoose mountain bike and, upon arriving on campus, she loaded the bike up again and helped lead an orientation bike trip across southern Vermont (USA) for new students.

Since then she has provided marketing and communications services to events, people, and brands both in and outside of the bike industry, as well as kept up with guiding rides for tourist groups visiting Granada, Spain. As a competitive amateur mountain bike racer, she learned what it’s like to be first, but also knows what it’s like to be last. Both of these lessons have served her well as a ride guide.

Hicham Marhraoui

While he possesses all the credentials as a licensed coach and physical fitness educator, what really sets Hicham apart is his rare blend of formal training, creativity, and worldview. His education took him from his native Morocco to France, then to Canada where he earned a degree in physical education from the Université du Québec à Montréal, then to Boston (USA) where he taught at both public and private institutions.

He founded the American Sport Training Center to teach people how to “train the correct way” in order to build a lasting foundation for fitness. In between teaching his clients how to build better health habits that they will own for the rest of their lives, he coaches a range of cyclists who share an objective to improve their cycling performance. Hicham’s distinct talent for getting people to challenge and take themselves seriously is offset by a coaching style distinguished by creativity and sportive play. Hicham believes that, “Life is movement. Movements are actions and the right actions not only add days to your life but life to your days.”

“After moving here in October 2009, what we found at the junction of Granada’s lifestyle and cycling culture was something we knew didn’t exist back in the States so we took steps to stay in Spain for as long as the government would allow us.
We have made it our mission to find, vet, publish, and lead rides that are as iconic of Granada as they are worthy of you, our fellow travelers, who likewise take a risk on the unknown in search of adventure because you know it’ll always work out.”
— Wendy and Hicham, April 2018

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