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Readers are no fools; they can spot inauthentic copy in a millisecond. I look for the defining characteristics that set the topic apart and then put them into compelling and convincing copy that appeals to the reader.

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Decathlon’s approach to content marketing focuses almost exclusively on the content, which is underscored by these key characteristics: consistency, tone of  voice, and high SEO value.

My project was to write 37 blog-style articles for Decathlon UK’s road cycling category. Topics ranged from “how to” and “advice for” types of articles, such as “How to avoid cold toes  and fingers” to “Advice for first-time commuters,” to informational articles, like “What is bike packing?” and “Disc brakes vs. rim brakes.” (pending publication)

“The single thing that most brands fail  at is not only creating a targeted plan to achieve specific goals, but having the discipline to execute that plan.”

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